Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Maybe we have to really BUY the Village Green...

So it would appear that our work to "Buy the Village Green" as part of a non-profit, user-driven, consortium of loosely coupled villagers may not actually work out.

The Honeywell family, well within their right to do so, are proceeding with the rezoning for at least the first part of the land.

I have a suggestion that I am going to throw out there. What if, rather than doing it through fundraising, non-profit style, we actually create a coop and come together and actually buy some of the rezoned land and maintain it. Here are some proposed uses for the land under this scenario:
- public gardens - thanks Jake Hunt, for your awesome suggestion to have a space where we could start public gardens. A small plot for each of the coop members used as a public garden would allow the villagers to really "go local" on things like produce etc..
- economuseum - yes this was in the original plan for the Village Green but it was pretty cloudy as to who that would be and what would happen and when or if it would ever happen
- park space - I would be more than happy to donate part of my coop share for public use. I think this brings up insurance and liability issues - probably all of this does - but I am sure that these are not insurmountable.

It really is too bad that no big donors other than the Carp Agricultural Society tipped in over the 5 figure mark. That could have made all the difference, and would definitely have been a great investment in a lasting legacy for the "green investor". But seriously considering the coop model, I am wondering if I am not actually on to a better investment scenario. If you decided to leave the village or lost interest in your share, or didnt keep it up properly, then it could be sold.

There are thousands of examples of things like this working.

For the record, I am COMPLETELY supportive of the Buy The Village Green model, and I spent a lot of hours trying to make this work. Now I am worried that the opportunity will slip through our collective fingers. There is $40K there already and that could be allocated towards the "public portion" of the coop. The rest would be up to the best of Carp...I mean you.

Comment. I will push this forward if I get more than two positive responses.

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