Saturday, May 24, 2008

Feels like summer in Carp

The flowers are up, the river is down, the kids are playing in the creek and the dog is sleeping on the grass - I know its almost a month away but it definitely feels like summer to me.

Last weekend we had a huge breakthrough (literally). For a couple years now we have been attempting to navigate from the east to the west across the Carp Ridge on mountain bikes, ATVs and other wheeled devices - we have been turned around, gotten lost, gotten stuck, gotten wet and never actually made it through at all.

Well - it appears if you hang a left at the big rock, navigate down the small cliff over the dead trees, then wade or spin your way through the abandoned beaver dam at the halfway point, that you can actually make it through. Bring a winch though, because I got buried past the fenders and it took about half an hour to get it out.

The only disappointing thing is that when you finally get around Hidden Lake you run smack into a big construction site that poses it's own unique challenges for navigation. But, we love it here, so it follows that more and more people would want to live in Carp, so we don't really mind having to hop, skip and jump through the rock and dirt piles. :-)

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