Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Carp Farmer's Market nears the end of another season

The Carp Farmers Market takes place every Saturday in the village of Carp at the Carp Fairgrounds. While the market is full of interesting things to do and see all year round (except for when it is closed in the winter) my favourite time to visit the market is in the fall.

Something about getting ready for Thanksgiving and poring over fall crops to bring to the table really brings the whole issue of local food home for me. There really is a bounty of goodness that grows in the surrounding areas, and you can bring it to your house just by taking a bit of time to visit the market.

Yesterday was truly a glorious fall day and the market was bustling. Check out the pictures by clicking on Bear and Oliver below.

You can always make new friends at the Carp Farmers Market.