Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fair in the air...

Click play to watch the years at the fair roll by.

No those aren't rain clouds, are they? C'mon weather, we have a fair to go to!

A trip up Carp Road or down Langstaff these days will have you walking by some straggling carnies in search of coffee, navigating tractor trailers and 5th wheel campers as hundreds of staff, exhibitors, volunteers and a busy board of directors converge on the Carp Fairgrounds, and stopping to stare at the massive work-in-progress that intimates that there is only 1 more sleep until the fair.

Yes, Carp Fair is in the air.

The children are racing to put final touches on their farm dioramas and fur-dos for their calves and such.

Horses are having their fetlocks groomed.

Teens are debating over which rides didn't make it back and whether or not the new ones are going to be better or worse - and of course who's parents are going to tolerate the sleepovers.

The Clydesdales, Morgans, Percherons and such are being tirelessly groomed.

Jams, pies, cakes, breads and such are madly being finessed in country kitchens across the land.

And somewhere on a tour bus, Colin James is putting some new strings on that guitar of his while all the other bands are winding their way through the Ottawa Valley towards the shows. If you're really feeling the love for Colin and some Canadian blues, there are still a few $200 VIP passes that get you backstage, free bar and front row seating for that particular show.

Full entertainment lineup is here.

Yes, Carp Fair is in the air. See you there September 23-26.

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