Monday, April 23, 2007

No Water. Flooding rampant.

Interesting that in a year with so little precipitation we are seeing the kinds of floods that we are in the plains along the Carp River.

The mighty plains...the might river. Hah!

Who needs our own little way this beautiful river, currently home to thousands of returning Canada Geese, has spread its own wings out across the neighbouring fields, trails and driveways and is gathering up a force of flotsam and jetsam bound for Kanata.

What is odd about this is that we can already see signs of the lack of water. A typical spring would have all of the ground spongy and muck would abound. But no, dry hard ground bites back at my struggling shovel, dust prevails from the top of the mounds beside the homes of future flower greatness.

But the floods range on along the mighty Carp...we secretly may start diverting the river to our perennials if the skies don't open up.

This marks my first blog about the weather...if I was more vane I would consider this a real technology breakthrough. Currently it's 17 degrees celsius, mostly cloudy, with winds gusting from the NW...ooh, this is fun.

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