Monday, April 23, 2007

You are going to have to buy the Village Green

Hello Carp.

If you don't buy the Village Green, about 100 other people will buy it, and they will build small houses on it, and move in.

Then they will overcrowd the school.

There will be no bananas left at Faith's Foodliner.

The good videos will be gone at Carp Video.

Your order from Carp Valley Chinese Food will be late.

The Carp Fair will have no parking.

Might seem minor, mostly because I chose minor issues to make it seem minor. What would be better is if none of the above happened, and we had the central area of Carp preserved forever as a park, museum, school expansion, etc...for all the residents of Carp who bought a square foot of the Village Green, to save it forever, in their name.

Start buying it up so that you can't move there now!


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